Specialist media and entertainment lawyer

20 years experience providing legal advice and representation to creative people.

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I provide assistance with any entertainment or media law issue.

You need a lawyer who knows this business: who to talk to; how things work; where the tricks and traps are. Someone you can call for a quick sanity check, or to guide you through the crucial deal that could make or break you. Your matter will be handled personally by me - from start to finish.

I focus on building a long-term professional relationship with my clients - taking the time to get to know you, your business, and what you are trying to achieve.

Friendly, no-fuss, service. Proactive, strategic advice and representation.

Screen: film, television, online and other platforms, chain-of-title and rights acquisition, film finance, cast and crew, music and rights clearance, script and program review, locations, broadcasters and distributors.

Music: publishing, recording, 360 deals, film and television synch licences and commissions, management, labels, band agreements.

Live: festivals, tours, theatre, venues, ticketing, sponsorship.

Authors: book publishing agreements, film rights, clearances, defamation.

Photographers, Painters, Digital Artists, Influencers, RadIo Producers, Advertising Agencies, Managers, Not-for Profit.