A media and entertainment lawyer providing, speedy, efficient, friendly, no-fuss, commercial legal advice in the following areas:

  • entertainment law: drafting, review and negotiation;
  • media law: drafting, review and negotiation;
  • contracts: drafting, review and negotiation;
  • intellectual property: copyright, trade marks, confidentiality, art, photography;
  • general commercial law: business structures, partnerships and joint ventures, deal making, leases, licences, advertising;
  • online: web and app developer agreements, user agreements, privacy, compliance;
  • film and television: financing, chain-of-title, producer offset, production, script review, format deals, brand-funded programs and product integration, distribution and licensing;
  • music: record deals, publishing, film music, licensing;
  • books: publisher agreements, clearances;
  • live performance: venue agreements; contractors; promoters; performers; and
  • dispute resolution and mediation.

Where you need advice in relation to issues outside my area of expertise, I can assist with a referral.

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